caseA collection of lingo and terms from the UTOPIATES universe.

Short for Combat And Survival Enhancer. A designer mem-drug developed by Merck Biotech and licensed to Intertsec Tactical Solutions. Ideally, CASE boosts a soldier’s performance on the battlefield.

Chud: Common slang used by police officers to describe hardcore drug users. Term dates back to the late 20th Century, when police depts. across the US were faced with the first wave of crack addiction and crime. During this time police often compared behavior of brain-addled crack-heads to the sub-human monsters is a cult b-movie entitled, C.H.U.D.

Composite Persona: A quick and dirty method of producing a utopiate that offers a “custom built” personality. Composite personas always begin with an actual personality imprint, which is then edited with parts of the persona being removed, and new traits from other prints being spliced in. Composite personas tend to be harmful to the user, often resulting in mental disorders such as paranoia, manic-depression, and schizophrenia.

Customs, slang: In reference to mem-drugs, the term custom tends to imply a home-brew or specialized variation that deviates from the more common utopiates available on the street.

Enspira: The most popular brand of over-the-counter fluoxetine hydrochloride pills (Prozac) available.

Fedayeen: From the Arabic fidā’ī, meaning “one who is ready to sacrifice his life.” This term has been used several times throughout history by Islamic militants to describe loyalists, soldiers, and/or elite forces.

Force Multiplier Corporation: [CENSORED]

Injector Slug: Originally designed as a disposable cartridge load for a popular brand of medical auto-syringe, injector slugs have become a staple of modern drug culture. Unlike the traditional syringe of old, the injector-slug is an environmentally sealed, self-contained device that is sterile, safe, and completely disposable. Although medical-grade injector slugs can be designed to hold multiple doses, street level versions of the device rarely hold more than one hit of any illicit substance. Despite being intended for use with an auto-syringe, one is not needed to trigger a slug’s injection process. Junkies found that by simply applying mild pressure to the slug’s internal pressure-valve (located at the base of the slug), the slug would become active and expel its contents. This design flaw has long since been fixed in medical-grade slugs, although black market knock-offs of the old design now permeate all aspects of the illegal drug culture.

Imprint, slang: Refers to any mem-drug that is derived from the mental imprints of a human personality–actual or synthesized.

Introns: Long sequences of genetic code that are ignored in complex cells (such as those of humans). Sometimes called “junk DNA,” intron sequences have no apparent purpose in normal human DNA. In the bio-tech field, introns are used to store non-genetic information such as copyrights, legal information, “read me” files, and designer credits.

Ladder, slang: Term referring to the genetic data found on either DNA or RNA. This is actually somewhat of a misnomer, since “ladder” actually refers to the helix pattern of a DNA molecule. RNA molecules form in a single coil and have no resemblance to a ladder.

Ladder Hacker: A genetic engineer who operates on the black market. Also know as a Splicer.

Mem-Drug: Any drug that uses tailored RNA to transfer information to the brain. Mem-drugs come in a variety of forms, including the transfer of memories, personalities, experiences, or even raw information. While mem-drugs offer great promise in the fields of psycho-therapy, education, and criminal rehabilitation, real-world use has been limited due to the risks associated with long-term exposure.

NEZ, abbrv: Short for Non-Enforcement Zone. These are municipal areas within Los Angeles county where sin and/or vice laws are not enforced. This includes laws prohibiting: prostitution, gambling, and illicit drugs.

NEZ Cops: Municipal police force assigned to exclusively patrol the NEZ.

Nod, Biblical: In the Book of Genesis of the Hebrew Bible, Nod was the region located “to the east of Eden.” Cain was banished to the Land of Nod after murdering his brother Abel.

Nod, slang: The effects of heroin. Also has come to mean the act of getting high with intravenous drugs.

Personality Imprint: Personality imprints are derived through a medical neuroimaging process called fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging). By generating magnetic “maps” of the human mind with fMRI scans, informatic software can then decode and translate the scans into readable memory and personality “prints.” These prints can later be placed onto a genetic storage media –usually an RNA construct. Note: Imprints should not be confused with the Church of Scientology’s concept of emotional/mental engrams.

Portable Cryo-Unit: Pocket-size refrigeration unit used to keeping gene-spiced drugs fresh.

Slot, verb: To inject a drug intravenously.

Splicer: See ladder hacker.

Splice Head, slang: A hardcore user of “gene-spliced” drugs, such as utopiates.

Synthesize Persona: A “custom built” personality built from the ground-up using no authentic personality traits. Synthetic always start as purely a digital process, programmed in conjunction with artificial intelligence software.

Utopiate: Literally a merging of the words utopia and opiate. Utopiate refer to any mem-drug that is derived from the mental imprints of a human personality –actual or synthesized.

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