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You are going to notice some changes soon to this site. In particular you may have noticed that I have taken down all story lines but Moment of Clarity. Starting this week, this site is going to gear itself more as a promotional for the graphic novel, and for the digital releases. I can tell you that Josh and I still have plans to release the next volume of the book as a web comic like we did this one so stay tuned for news on when that will be available, but sadly we cannot offer the full book for free any longer. 

Once again, a huge thanks to everybody who followed us through this past year and for your continued support. 

Josh and I will be at APE in San Francisco next month and there are tentative plans to do a panel at Long Beach Comic Con in November. Stop by and see us. We would love to meet you in person. 


To Be Continued…

Wow! I can't believe that it's almost been a year since we started uploading Utopiates Vol. 1. It's been a long ride. From it's inception in 2006, first print run in black and white in 2007 by Bloodfire Studios, regaining the rights in 2011 and colorizing it for new audiences, Utopiates has traveled a long road in order to get here today.

Thank you all again so much for all of your support. Josh and I really appreciate you sticking with us through this past year. Utopiates is going on a bit of a hiatus for now. But don't worry, more stories are in the works so keep watching either this website or 01 Publishing for more information as well as convention schedules for where you can see us in person.

In the mean time, if you enjoyed what you read, please visit and leave a review. We would really appreciate it. 

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And last, but not least, we will be at APE in San Francisco this next October. We will be at the 01Publishing table #541. So make plans to come and see us if you are in the area. 

Thank you all again!


Confession – Page 21

As of the writing of this post, there are only FIVE copies of Utopiates left on!!! Only 5! So, if you are planning on picking up a copy of book I ask that you order it from this week. My goal is to see Utopiates sell out in the first week. 

For those of you who have ordered your copy from Amazon, thank you very very much for your support.

I do have a request for all of you who have been enjoying this web comic, regardless of if you plan to pick the book up or not, could you leave a review on Amazon and click the "like" button? I would really appreciate it. 

For those of you who use to purchase your comics, Utopiates is available there too this month for only $8.99.


In other news, we just got confirmation of our table at APE in Oct. If you go to the APE website you can find us under 01Publishing in the exhibitors' section. I'll post more information as it comes. 

Confession – Page 18

The books are here!!!! Aren't they beautiful?

If you would like to order one you have two ways you can do it. will be carrying the books but they won't be available till the 21st. 

OR, you can order your copy direct from us. I've updated the shopping card with the new book. We will even sign it for you. 

Thank you all for following us and staying with us for the past year. And even though the book is available we'll still be updating here on the site so stay with us. :)

Confession – Page 13

Ah, another San Diego Comic Con come and gone. Now we turn our sites to APE in October. Last year had some road blocks, but this year is going to be awesome!! As details come in, I'll let you all know where we are going to be. 

As well, I'm looking for a good comic/anime/sci-fi conventions in Las Vegas. Does anybody have suggestions. What good sci-fi conventions are there?

Well, we heard from the printer and the books should be on US soil at the end of July or the begining of August. So, just a few more weeks left!!  

The next chapter WILL start today…

I’m sorry everyone. I’ve been sick and was not able to cue up the next page for today. It WILL be up today. It’s just going to be late. Please come back in the evening. I should have it up by 6pm pacific time.

Again, sorry everybody.


Tip of the Spear – Part 2 Page28

And there you go. The last page of Tip of the Spear! I hope you all liked the story. Please let me know your thoughts either below or on Facebook. 

As I've said before, we will not have a break. We will be going strait into the next story on Thursday so don't worry. :)  

And if you liked this, you might like the audio drama based on our other series, Titanium Rain. In fact, I highly suggest that you at least check out the audio samples on the website because the company that did TR might be doing Utopiates in the near future as well! The website is

Thank you all for staying with us so long. I think you will really like the next story arch. 


Tip of the Spear – Part 2 Page27

Look what came in the mail!!

It's the print proof for the graphic novel!! It looks so cool, I can't wait for the finished product to arrive at the end of the month. Remember, you can pre-order them from 



Um, don't know what happened but when I updated the ComicPress template it seems to have lost today's page. I'm sorry folks. I'll try to get it fixed. 

When Science Fiction Becomes Reality

Today, NPR covered a story from MIT. A story about a new way to inject drugs without a needle. This device is  very similar (but obviously bigger) to the injector slugs our characters in Utopiates use. Keep in mind, though Josh did do a lot of research and spoke with many experts in order to get the science of Utopiates right, these stories were all written back in 2005-6. Six to seven years before these scientists announced this awesome new device. 

Isn't science awesome?!


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