To Be Continued…

Wow! I can't believe that it's almost been a year since we started uploading Utopiates Vol. 1. It's been a long ride. From it's inception in 2006, first print run in black and white in 2007 by Bloodfire Studios, regaining the rights in 2011 and colorizing it for new audiences, Utopiates has traveled a long road in order to get here today.

Thank you all again so much for all of your support. Josh and I really appreciate you sticking with us through this past year. Utopiates is going on a bit of a hiatus for now. But don't worry, more stories are in the works so keep watching either this website or 01 Publishing for more information as well as convention schedules for where you can see us in person.

In the mean time, if you enjoyed what you read, please visit and leave a review. We would really appreciate it. 

As well, if you would like to purchase the graphic novel, you can do so from us directly (and we will sign it for you), or from

And last, but not least, we will be at APE in San Francisco this next October. We will be at the 01Publishing table #541. So make plans to come and see us if you are in the area. 

Thank you all again!


Confession – Page 11

This was meant to be a much longer update from SDCC but, honestly I'm wiped out. I'll do more in the coming days. 

On the 12th The Zombie Walk at Petco Park started well before sundown and we got to watch the festivities from the safety of the Trickster Balcony along with Protege's Terence Anthony. Saw a Goonies/TMNT reunion with Cory Feldman, Sean Astin, "Chunk", and the woman who voiced April O'Neal on the cartoon. All while standing next to the Batmobile display. ONLY at SDCC can you do that.

As for awesome comics that we picked up - 

These two ladies are awesome!! Josh has been reading Spike's Templar Arizon for over a year now and we picked up volumes 3-4. And I just HAD to pick up Daina Nock's Intrepid Girlbot. Not only because it's about robots, but because it is a "silent" comic. No words. We chatted for a bit and it was cool to learn that she started her book for the same reason I started my LD 30 strips.

I also got to see my dream car up and close. KITT from Knightrider. I love this car. When I'm rich, I'm totally customizing one. 


Confession – Page 10

Well, SDCC has officially started. For those of you who may not be following our twitter feeds, here are the highlights…

1) Ran into SUPER-FAN Mike Arnolt. This guys has been following us for at least six years. He's been with us through thick and thin and he is awesome. It was great seeing him again.

2)Hung out with the Action Labs crew in Small Press. Their book, Princeless, is up for an Eisner this year. If there is any book on the ballot that deserves the award, it's this one. If you aren't familiar with it, or Action Labs, please take a moment to check them out.

3)Visited Trickster and, once again they did not disapoint. The artwork on display is beautiful and they have a wonderful aray of books that are usually hard to find. I can't wait till the show goes into full swing and they have some of their events going. 

4) SAW BATMOBILES!!! All of them! It was pretty awesome since there weren't a lot of crowds so we could get up close. Here is a picture of Josh next to the Military Tumbler from the latest film.

That's all from Previews Night. If you would like, you can follow us at @Josh_Finney, @Katapult, @UtopiatesComic, @01Publishing

Now, Utopiates doesn't officially update again till next week. Would you like me to do daily blog entries on SDCC till then, or just one big review next week? 

Confession – Page 8

Anime Expo this year was Amazing!! Thank you so much to everybody who stopped by. We were very sad not to have Utopiates on the table. BUT, I can tell you that the printer had this amazing proof waiting for us  when we got back and that got my excitement back up!

You can still pre-order the book through by using the link up above. As well, Josh and I have decided to sell the book direct ourselves. It will be $20 (including shipping) and we will sign it for you. I will be adding this option to the site soon. 

Ok. On to AX Shout Outs!!


First, a HUGE shout out to Michael Colbert of Crazy Mary and the lovely Sherri. These two went above and beyond to make sure we had food, water and transportation at the show. Mike even went so far as to take Adam and Comfort of Rainbow in the Dark to and from the airport from Downtown LA. If you are at all familiar with the Los Angeles traffic, you know what a feat this is. 

And speaking of Adam and Comfort, it was great rooming with them for the second year in a row. Those two never stop working and their book, The Uniques, is what we all wish the big two had the balls to do. 


A huge shout out to Tom Pinchuck of Hybrid Bastards,, and a million other wonderful projects! We never get enough time to hang out with Tom at these shows, but it's always fun when we do. 

And finally, it was wonderful seeing Cari of Toilet Genie and Jessica again. These are two wonderful artists who definately are not getting the attention they deserve. 

Books I picked up:

Vol. 2-3 of Teahouse, which is a beautifully told love story set in a high class brothel. Just warning you, NSFW. 

Polterguys Vol.1, I had never heard of this series befor AX. Josh found the creator's booth and suggested I go check it out. I am not disapointed. I haven't finished this book yet, but the story telling is very tight and it follows in the footsteps of such manga as Fruits Basket… but with a paranormal twist. I highly recomend it, and you can read the web comic for free.

I know there are things and people I missed. I'm still collecting my thoughts. If I missed you, please let me know.

Again, had a wonderful time!

Josh and I will be at San Diego Comic Con next week but we will not have a table. We will be wondering around and probably hanging out a lot at Trickster. Let me know if you will be there and we'll try to say "hi".


Tip of the Spear – Part 1 Page 28

And thus ends Tip of the Spear pt. 1. Unlike before, there will be no break between these two chapters. Pt.2 will begin on Thursday like normal.

Convention News: Thank you to everybody who came and visited us at ConDor this weekend. It was definately an experience. The most memorable part was when the table of Klingons across from us started singing barbershop quartette.

Our next convention will find us in Los Angeles for Anime Expo. More details to come soon. We will also be at San Diego Comic Con, but will not have a booth. So drop us a line for a possible meet up.


Tip of the Spear – Part 1 Page 23

Ladder Hacker: A genetic engineer who operates on the black market. Also know as a Splicer.

I keep forgetting to mention that we’ve got a lexicon of terms up in the top navigation bar.  I’ll try to remember more to include these definitions down here, but you can always look in the lexicon if need be.

Only a week away so make sure you are there. We are in the Small Press section, table #609. We are exhibiting with 01 Publishing, not by ourselves. We’ll copies of the b/w Issue 1 of Utopiates along with our other projects (Titanium Rain, New Breed, LD30) for sale and a bunch of art prints as well. We’ll also be sitting with artist, Patrick McEvoy, who is best known for his work on Arkham Horror, Cthulhu, Game of Thrones, LOT5R, and Dungeon Magazine. Please stop by and say “hello”.  The map to the side tells you where we are.


As of writing this post we have a little over 60 friends on Facebook (thank you all). I would dearly love to see that number be 100 by Feb. 29th. So, with that said, if we get 100 likes by the end of February a random, lucky fan will receive a free copy of the very first issue of Utopiates that was ever printed. SIGNED! Utopiates originally came out in b/w in 2006 and this is a rare copy of Moment of Clarity from that time. I will also include a free Utopiates Sticker.

If we do not reach our goal by the 29th, but we DO get 100 “likes” I will still send a random, lucky fan a free sticker.

So tell your friends!

A Moment of Clarity – Page 9

Well, APE in San Francisco was certainly an adventure for Josh and I. Want to hear all about it? Then head over to Cammy's Comic Corner to hear how the show went, the cool people we met, the cool books (besides our own) that we picked up, bed bugs, and bad neighbors.It's an interview/review you won't soon forget!

click here to listen - Cammy's Comic Corner – Geeky Talky – Episode 92

Shout Outs of cool people we met and awesome books we picked up:
Unusual Tuesday
Space Trawler
alkyrie Squadron
obot in the City

I know there are more awesome people but our notes and business cards are all quarantined due to the bed bug infestation mentioned in the podcast. If you are reading this, you met us, and you aren't mentioned above PLEASE let me know. I want to make sure you are mentioned. 



A Moment of Clarity – Page 7

Tomorrow we leave for APE in San Francisco and Saturday begins the festivities. Please stop by table 265 and say "Hello". As I've mentioned before we will have the first printing of Issue 1 (this story) in it's original black and white format for sale as well as our other projects like LD30, New Breed, (published by 01 Publishing) and copies of Titanium Rain published by Archaia. We'll have other things as well, so please stop by. We'll have a fighter jet on the top of our banner so you can't miss us.


And now for commentary on this page. This one was always supposed to be in color. When it was first published we bemoaned the fact that we couldn't use color to show the many moods of the utopiates. The black and white was always good for conveying the overall noir but the color really helps to give the sense of of the personalities and what they do to the Junky.Needless to say we're very happy with the results.

A Moment of Clarity – Page 6

APE is Coming!! In less than a week we’ll be there at table 265. Please stop by. We’ll have copies of the original issue 1 in black and white as well as our other projects.

Please feel free to stop by and say hello.


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